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12th  Annual Gourd Festival
Pinal County Fair Grounds
Casa Grande, AZ. is operated and hosted by the Wuertz Gourd Farm family.

2015 Annual Arizona Gourd Society Gourd Art Festival Invitation



Kathy Waldow, ( AZGS GOURD ART COMPETITION CHAIR and her COMMITTEE CHAIRS:  Doris Gosney ( and Mary Hetrick (registration and entry), Debra Williams ( Sonya Steiner ( (judging),  Lynn East-Itkin and Lollie Yancy (staging), Lorraine Longpre and Joann Miles  (volunteers), Kathy Kopjak (Game of Chance), Kathy Baylor (Food Service), Barbara Larkum and Jan Cunningham (DVD), Sue Gardiner (ribbons) to thank you for all the input you've given us as individuals and collectively on paths we can continue to travel building on our past successes and continuing to improve on the overall competition.       


We are blessed so many of you have worked to continually build a strong AZGS through the sharing of your thoughts, ideas and giving of your personal and physical resources. 

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We, in the Arizona Gourd Society, are looking forward to showing and displaying your work at the Festival. It is possible and entrants are encouraged to enter more than one piece of their work. (Please note!! ONE entry Per person Per category may be entered. Also photography is allowed at this competition. Exclusions/Exceptions: All work must be the entrant's original design, except in the category were one piece per entrant may be entered from a class taken. (*Note that category has returned, can be found in the Novice Division and is judged Only on craftsmanship. If the entrant is in the Youth or Teen Division, they are permitted to enter class work, work from a tutorial, or a design taken from a publication. **New Time Changes for On Site Delivery of Gourd Entries on Thursday. **New Time Change for Pick-up Entries on Sunday. ** Mailed entries must have prepaid return postage and self-addressed shipping labels for the box. All art work not claimed or prepaid for return will be donated to the Arizona Gourd Society. **All entries must be in place until 3 PM on Sunday afternoon. Anyone removing an entry before this time will not be allowed to enter the competition the following year. **Once the entry is on display and judging is completed, NO ONE except for the show chairperson, Kathy Waldow or her designee will be allowed to touch, pick-up or move the entry. Entries for Sale: After judging has been completed, if the Entry is for sale, it is the responsibility of the entrant to provide five (5) business cards (with the price of the gourd written in ink on the back) to a security volunteer to be placed next to the entry. All entries including sold items, must stay in place in the competition area until 3 PM on Sunday Afternoon. Judging. All judges are certified by the American Gourd Society. Judges, at their discretion, award UP to three places in each category: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. A category with one entry does not guarantee a ribbon. GOURDS MUST PREDOMINATE IN ALL ENTRIES! A "Best of Division" will be awarded in each division by the judges judging that Division. Special "Best of Show", People's Coice" and "Festival Sponsor's Award" ribbons will be awarded. Note: Turn tables cannot be moving during the judging. They may be turned on for the show. They must be battery operated. Note: Electricity is NOT available and lit candles are NOT allowed in any display due to Fire Marshall regulations. Gourds will be displayed unlit unless they are provided with battery power. Note: Entries that have elemnts that play repetitive music or other vocal enhancements will not be running during the competition or show. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT THE FESTIVAL AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR LATEST CREATIONS!! Happy Gourding, The AZGS Gourd Art Competition Chair and All Committee Participants

2015 AZGS Calendar For Sale!

$10 each:  pick up at the Festival or at a Patch Meeting

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Kathy Waldow





Gourd Gypsies: Avondale

Marty Fye


Lizard Flats


Danielle Selby (

New River 

New River

Carol Elliott


 Old Pueblo                  Tucson

Wanda Shirey


Spirit of the Desert

Sun Lakes

Vicki McKenna



Mary MacIntosh


Green Valley

Joyce Palm



Joyce Wise

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